TOUGH CALL: Which is the stronger sex? And which is healthier?
TOUGH CALL: Which is the stronger sex? And which is healthier?

Guys, Keep your health in check

ARE you the stronger sex? The debate about which is the stronger of the two sexes is not new.

Men will always think they are the top dog. Women mess with their heads a little and let them think they are top dog, but any woman will tell you, it's the females of the household who really influence and make most of the decisions.

Research confirms this statement. There are numerous studies that show women influence big-ticket item purchases more than men. Go girls!

Biochemically men have more testosterone, a hormone that influences muscle growth thus making them physically stronger than women - which is why women can't build significant muscle naturally. However just because men are physically stronger, does that really make them the stronger of the two sexes?

I'll let you decide.

 From birth, there are more males conceived than females (15:1) which initially sounds like the men are out in front, however the male foetus is at greater risk of miscarriage and stillbirth.

 There is also a 25% greater risk of newborn males dying and three out of five SIDS victims are boys. So who is the stronger sex now?

 As boys grow up they are taught not to show signs of weakness, which is why very few men seek medical advice. For this reason, depression in men usually goes undiagnosed contributing to the fact that men are four times more likely to commit suicide than females.

 Testosterone, which is found in significantly higher amounts in males than females, is linked to higher levels of the bad cholesterol LDL while also reducing the levels of the good cholesterol - HDL.

 Men have fewer T-lymphocytes - white blood cells which play a central role in cell-mediated immunity and fight infection. No wonder they get the Man Flu!

 And men are twice as likely to lose their hearing as women.

There is a raft of stats similar to the above that I could have listed, but I'll leave you with this last point that by the age of 100, women outnumber men by eight to one.

So you tell me, which is the stronger of the sexes?

The difference between men and women when it comes to health is that women get their health checked out.

Men may think women are hypochondriacs but the proof is in the pudding when it comes to health and living longer, put simply - get regular health checks.

The single biggest influence on men's health is early detection and treatment for preventable health issues which is what Men's Health Week, June 11-17, is all about.

The objective of International Men's Health week is to raise awareness that recognising and preventing men's health problems is not just an issue for men.

The men in our society are husbands, brothers, fathers, uncles, friends and work mates.

Men are the cornerstone of our modern society.

We rely on them for our family, social and economic needs. They are major contributors in all sorts of business. And most of the time, we just love having them around.

We all need men (and women) to take a proactive step towards their health and reduce the dangers of the onset of major diseases.

Some really simple measures towards improving health are to eat healthy (a balanced diet which includes plenty of different coloured fruit and vegetables, lean meat, fish and dairy), drink water to stay hydrated and flush out the toxins, quit smoking, limit your alcohol intake and exercise daily (do as much as you can with the aim of getting to 30 minutes daily of huffy puffy exercise.

Men's health is everyone's responsibility.

If you won't get your health checked for you, then do it for your mates and family.


For more information on Men's Health week go to menshealth

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