60,000th truck a true blue Ozzie!

Volvo Group Australia is celebrating the 60,000th truck built at the Group’s Wacol plant in Queensland.
Volvo Group Australia is celebrating the 60,000th truck built at the Group’s Wacol plant in Queensland.

VOLVO Group Australia is celebrating the 60,000th truck built at the Group's Wacol plant in Queensland.

Truck number 60,000 is a Volvo and 60,001 is a Mack and as part of the celebration, both trucks are painted in the Australian colours of green and gold.

Announcing the milestone, VGA President and CEO, Peter Voorhoeve says truck number 60,000 is a major milestone in the company's history in Australia and demonstrates that manufacturing is not dead in Australia. Mr Voorhoeve highlighted the on-going success of the Group's Brisbane-based Wacol plant.   

"Our Wacol plant has been operating since 1972, and houses manufacturing and engineering facilities to produce both Volvo and Mack trucks," he said. 

  "The plant makes a significant economic contribution to the local area, and it does it without any government subsidies," he said. 

VGA has close to 450 people directly employed in the production process, about 50 dedicated engineers based in Brisbane.

The Wacol factory also has approximately 85 local suppliers delivering more than 3,500 different components to the Wacol factory - of which, many are produced right here in Australia.

The two celebratory trucks are painted in the Australian green and gold livery to mark certification as Australian Made. To obtain this sought after Australian Made trademark.

The Volvo Group had to jump through a series of complex hoops to have the truck brands registered with the not-for-profit Australian Made Campaign Ltd (AMCL) and meet the criteria set out in Australian Consumer Law and the logo Code of Practice.

Joining the campaign means that Volvo Group Australia is currently the only truck manufacturer in Australia to have been awarded the prestigious certification.  The award was presented by the CEO of the Australian Made Campaign, Ian Harrison. 

  "We're delighted that Volvo Group Australia has joined the campaign," said Harrison.

"It reflects their commitment to promoting local manufacturing, both in its direct production operations but also through their support of the local automotive components' industry."

The all-Australian image of the Group's Volvo and Mack trucks reflects Australia's background diversity better that our politicians seem to be able to do at present.

With Swedish ownership, North American cultural background for the Mack Brand, 45 years of building trucks in Australia and employing more than 400 employees over this period, pumping many millions of dollars into the Australian economy.

The Volvo boss says the green and gold trucks will fly the flag of true blue Australians for years to come on Australian roads.    

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