TRAFFIC: Willowbank Area Group vice president Ian Dainer has concerns about Lantrak's proposal.
TRAFFIC: Willowbank Area Group vice president Ian Dainer has concerns about Lantrak's proposal. Inga Williams

30 million tonne dump planned for Ipswich suburb

ABOUT 50 Willowbank locals met with Lantrak representatives last week to learn about their landfill plans at Jeebropilly.

The New Hope Jeepropilly site covers approximately 700 hectares, while the dumping ground takes up about 70 of those hectares.

The company's development would use one of one of the coal mining voids, operated by New Hope, would take 30 million cubic metres of building waste and a limited amount of restricted waste over a 30-year lifetime.

Ipswich City Council is the approval authority, but the plan will have to satisfy the criteria of DTMR and Environment and Science.

It will take 30 years to fill the void, meaning it will take roughly 1million tonnes of waste a year.

This waste, according to Lantrak representatives, will come from southeast Queensland and "the Tweed area".

Willowbank Area Residents Group vice president Ian Danier said people voiced concerns about Lantrak's proposal.

"They spoke about dust mitigation and assured us there would be no biological waste," he said.

"One of my major concerns is what this development will do to the Cunningham Hwy.

"By Lantrak's own estimates, this will result in an additional 160 trucks a day using that already congested section of the highway from Yamanto to the Amberley RAAF Base. That works out to an additional 14 trucks an hour and another truck every four minutes.

"They will also be turning off at Amberley-Rosewood Rd to access the dump at the corner of Amberley-Rosewood and Haigslea-Walloon Rd."

Member for Scenic Rim Jon Krause and Division 10 Councillor David Pahlke have formed a small working group.

Lantrak has pledged to keep the community informed throughout the process.

"The general sentiment is that people clearly don't want another dump in Ipswich, but if it meets all the zoning and environmental requirements, it will go ahead," Mr Dainer said.

"The Lantrak engineer present at the meeting offered to discuss upgrades of the highway with the transport minister Mark Bailey."

The State Government has previously committed to upgrade the highway between Warwick Rd at Yamanto and Ebenezer Creek.

Lantrak told residents it would submit its development application in two months' time.

Cr Pahlke said the activity would add pressure to an already congested section of the Cunningham Highway.

"I've got a real concern (about) that number of trucks," he said. "I'm hearing 150 trucks a day coming out of that site right near the RAFF base.

"They're all coming to the pinch point of the intersection."

Cr Pahlke said dollars were being invested in RAAF Base Amberley, but nobody was allocating funds on infrastructure to get there.

He questioned why the Federal Government had not allocated money to the "crucial" Willowbank interchange upgrade.

"Can't anyone understand we need it done now and not in five years time, or 10 years time?"

Cr Pahlke said while proper management of the mining voids was necessary, the first issue to be addressed needed to be the road infrastructure.

"It's all got to be managed properly but, the trouble is, the community hasn't got confidence in the management of it once it's approved.

"I don't see how it can be approved - that's my personal view," he said.

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