What are your thoughts on the industry?
What are your thoughts on the industry? Bruce Honeywill

3 truckies on what's wrong with the industry

THESE truckies have written to us to share their thoughts on the industry for our Letters to the Editor page. 

Do you agree with them? 

Car drivers don't get it

UNFORTUNATELY the average car driver believes the tripe that these "safety experts" put out there, you know what they say tell a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.  

Plus the media never lets the truth get in the way of a good story, until we have some truck operators in the various levels of government they will continue along the easiest path, which is what we see day in day out.   

The transport and police inspectors are a whole chapter on their own, the sooner they replace them with robots the better.  

At least then you know right from the start you are not dealing with a human being so you can accept that the number plate light not working is going to result in multiple fatalities just down the road.   

-Vic Sartor

Technology causes all sorts of headaches

THESE wonderful lifesaving devices cause more angst and distraction than any heavy workload or long journey ever did.   

I'm a little old school and can say without hesitation that I felt 100 percent safe travelling at 125km/h, whilst five metres away from the truck in front back in 1980 then I ever do now under the incessant scrutiny.  

Like others I find the speed alert is one the greatest causes of driver distraction, the mobile phone of course being the major problem for most.   

If I feel the slightest bit "noddy" I pull over ASAP and take 15 minutes.  

-Peter McNeil 

Authorities need to fix the road toll properly 

WHEN are the authorities going to start to do what is needed to cut the road toll.   

Enforcement of the law is all well and good but I have not seen any change in the number of deaths on our roads.    Instead of going to inspect all the trucks from a company AFTER one of its trucks is involved in an accident would it not be better to continually inspect large fleet randomly as a means of ensuring that standards are met.   

How often do you go through a weight station and the plate is empty?   

Why not bring a truck in for an inspection and perhaps not try to find an infringement but educate the driver in a friendly manner.  

-Ian Vitnell 

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