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About Graham (Kermie) Harsant

Graham grew up in the Victorian town of Healesville where he once again resides. Whilst the town reverberates to the sound of log trucks passing through on a daily basis, Graham's career path took him into the world of advertising sales. Having worked television, magazines, radio and press, he eventually ended up with a trucking publication. The involvement with this industry and the people within it created a yearning to put pen to paper - to relate their stories of the road. So he jumped ship from ad sales to become a happy writer of trucks, truck shows and particularly the people without whom the country would stop.

"These characters and their stories - both tall and true, funny and tragic are well worth preserving and I'd like to think that I play a small part in doing that with Big Rigs," he said.

(The 'Kermie' nickname came from a pair of bright green Crocs that Graham has a penchant for wearing)

Email: - Phone: 0418 139 415

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Truckin on the Border

About David Vile

David Vile is Big Rigs’ correspondent on the NSW/VIC border. He’s 36, married to Rhonda and together they have a daughter. David grew up on property overlooking the Hume Weir. His father had a livestock carrying/transport business for a number of years at Tallangatta – now retired. David currently lives in Wodonga and works in a transport/logistics operation role. He follows the Richmond Tigers in the AFL and is a volunteer fire fighter with the Country Fire Authority Victoria. David is interested in photography, travelling, 4-wheel driving, going bush, truck shows/events, music and one day he hopes to do a “lap of the map” around Highway 1.

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TWU News

About Michael Aird

Michael Aird started out in the transport industry at the age of 16 as a delivery driver for Pizza Hut and later worked on the waterfront for Brambles in Newcastle. Michael transitioned into the role of TWU Official in 1995 and looked after the North Coast region from Taree to the Queensland border. After two successful years there he moved again, this time south to help organise members in the Wollongong area from 1998 to 2002.

He achieved some great outcomes including the TWU campaign to stop outsourcing in the Cash-in-Transit sector.. Michael’s perseverance on issues-based campaigning was recognised in 2002 when he was nominated as the ACTU’s Organiser of the Year.

Following the successful completion of his law degree, Michael continued to use the skills gained from his campaigns to fight for members as a Legal Officer in the Parramatta Office. He was appointed chief legal officer in 2007. After an in-house period with the TWU’s lawyers, Maurice Blackburn, where Michael represented and assisted many injured TWU workers, Michael returned to became a Senior Official with the TWU in 2010. He oversaw the development of the TWU’s national bargaining campaigns and following their success Michael was elected TWU NSW Assistant State Secretary in 2012. Following the announcement of Wayne Forno’s retirement, Michael nominated for the position of TWU NSW State Secretary at the 2014 election and was elected unopposed.