Are you managing your tyre pressure for profits?

What tyre pressure are you running in your steer, drive, and trailer tyres? If it is 100 psi, like most do, your steer tyres are 20 per cent under inflated, which increases tyre temperature, and reduces steering accuracy. The drive tyres are 33 to 300 per cent over inflated, and the trailer tyres are 85 to 400 per cent over inflated.

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Doing it the old way costs you money

Doing it the old way costs time, money and limits your income. Whether you’re digging ditches, machining, welding, fixing your truck or transporting product. No one would dig a ditch with a shovel, or expect to be competitive without a CNC machine, or weld up something with oxy. 

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The trusted axle specialists

When the popularity of Japanese and other imported heavy vehicles were on the rise, there was a need for correcting camber and castor adjustments on heavy vehicles – and with that, All Type Axle Corrections was born.

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