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Good vibrations for vacuum tanker operators

Flow-Easy vibrators are delivering multiple benefits to vacuum tanker operators. Whether you’re carting dry, dusty material or sticky, wet slurry, a Flow-Easy vibrator speeds up the vacuum tanker unloading process, providing an efficient, safe and controlled load discharge.

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We must all play our part to improve driver safety

The National Road Freighters Association (NRFA) recognises that road safety has many facets and affects all on the road, not just truck drivers. Many of our efforts and policies are directed to and or include, aspects of road safety and with Road Safety week upon us now, it is timely to reiterate some of the things we think require further focus and work, to achieve improvements for all.

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Mike-Larkan - La Nina

Truckies should prepare now for La Niña warns expert

The weather predictions are La Niña is on the way. So, what does that mean for those of you who are in the transport, logistics or construction industries? As part of our coverage of National Road Safety Week, brought to you by NTI, well-known Australian weather presenter Mike Larkan chats to Big Rigs.

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Be Seen campaign

Sharing the road

Providing safe and efficient travel for motorists is something we take seriously at Transurban. We all have a role to play in achieving this, which is why this National Road Safety Week Transurban is partnering with representative bodies, including the Queensland Trucking Association (QTA), to raise awareness of truck blind spots.

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Buying your next big rig – is this the best time to buy?

If your business is looking to buy a new truck or rig, current conditions might look bleak. Much of Victoria is still under lockdown and borders all over Australia are closed. Despite some of the grim economic indicators, the VTA’s COVID Insights Survey said that 94% of Victorian trucking operators are expressing that their business will not only survive but thrive and grow. 64% said they would invest in new capital equipment, which is encouraging.

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