IN THE KNOW with Chris Blanchard

Thu 27 Dec 2012

Wed 14 Nov 2012

Take time to check permit changes

I HAVE been witness recently to several drivers having a run-in with the NSW authorities over a breach of the permit conditions that their vehicle is operating...

Thu 25 Oct 2012

WA fatigue laws not a Holy Grail

A LOT of talk circulating about the number of accidents and fatalities involving heavy vehicles and the mandatory laying of blame at the national fatigue laws.

Wed 17 Oct 2012

Dealing with seven-hour confusion

THE Letter To The Editor by Bill Polglase in the last issue of Big Rigs highlights one of the biggest misconceptions of the National Fatigue Laws.

Sun 30 Sep 2012

Fri 14 Sep 2012

BFM gives drivers defence

LATELY a few commentators in the industry seem to be criticising the concept of Basic Fatigue Management (BFM) or as they call it, 14 hours.