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Mark's a hero dad

Video Published: 17 Jun 2014

Mark Wilson and his wife Vicki care for daughter Keely, who had severe intellectual and physical disabilities. Vicki...

Budget is forcing Truckies to keep on driving

Story Published: 27 May 2014

THIS week’s much publicised Federal Budget handed down in Canberra had only bad news for truckies and transport workers.

Hard yards but talks on

Story Published: 2 Jul 2014

SECURING a new workplace agreement with fair pay, conditions and safety standards above the award is always a tough job...

NSW’s push for safety

Story Published: 23 Apr 2014

WHEN it comes to the pressures of the transport industry, no one understands better than the driver out on the road trying...

Road safety is not ‘red tape’

Story Published: 17 Jul 2014

LAST Monday I joined more than 150 truck drivers and their families in a march across Sydney to protest against the lethal...

Huge support in Mark’s time of need

Story Published: 20 Jun 2014

WHETHER it’s a blue with the boss or a family emergency, Mark Wilson has always been there for his workmates at Hanson...

Coles Online drivers short-changed by courts on their pay and safety

Story Published: 18 Mar 2014

LATE one night in the Perth suburb of Nedlands, Coles Online driver Matthew Chapman was delivering groceries from the back...

TWU wins $24,800 for owner-driver

Story Published: 14 May 2014

IN WELCOME news for drivers, we have put dodgy trucking operations on notice: securing $24,800 in outstanding wages and...

Drivers pay price for safety breach

Story Published: 3 Mar 2014

WHILE the media and the public celebrate the maintenance crackdown and economic pressure being directed at Cootes...

Truckies hit with new levy

Story Published: 12 Nov 2012

IT HAS become the prevailing hallmark of the O'Farrell Government to rush significant and wide sweeping legislation through...

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