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Truck driver from video says crash changed his life

Story Published: 1 Nov 2013

THE driver featured in a video showing a close call on the Bruce Highway as another truck crashed into his rig has shared...

Russell Crowe involved in truck crash

Story Published: 24 Apr 2013

RUSSELL Crowe had to get his truck winched out of a dam after the brakes failed.

Mate tried desperately to save motorcyclist's life

Story Published: 28 Feb 2014

UPDATE: A 55-year-old man from Clifton was killed when the motorcycle he was riding collided with a truck.

Man killed in Warrego Hwy collision with cattle truck

Story Published: 20 Jan 2014

UPDATE: One person is dead after the car they were driving collided with a cattle truck west of...

VIDEO: Police say fatigue possible factor in truck crash

Story Published: 21 Jan 2014

UPDATE 3.17PM: A 63-year-old truck driver was able to walk away from the cabin of a B-Double that rolled...

Truckie's tree terror

Story Published: 12 Apr 2012

TRUCKER Layne Perkins fought to keep control of his fuel tanker at speeds of 100kph when it was hit by a falling gum tree...

Motorcyclist's death makes five fatals in five weeks

Story Published: 10 Feb 2014

UPDATE: The New England Hwy has claimed another life - the fifth for the year - when a motorcyclist died...

'Very, very lucky' no other vehicles involved: authorities

Story Published: 13 Sep 2013

UPDATE: Authorities say it was "very, very lucky" that no other vehicles were involved in a semi-trailer...

Spate of crashes claims five

Story Published: 14 Sep 2012

A SPATE of crashes involving trucks over the past couple of days have seen five people die and left three injured.

Truck stranded on railway line after leaving Warrego Hwy

Story Published: 16 Jan 2014

A VEHICLE transport truck has come to rest across railway lines after leaving the Warrego Hwy.


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