Flight over Lake Eyre

Video Published: 13 Dec 2015

A breathtaking sight

Roothys-Lowrange, Sunset, Travel

Finke River - just add water

Video Published: 10 Nov 2015

4WD guru John Rooth and the boys see the rare site of Finke River - the oldest river system in the world - with water in...

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Steady as she goes

Video Published: 13 Dec 2015

Roothy's crew follows the old Ghan railway track

4Wd, Offroad, Roothys-Lowrange, Travel

The Track Less Travelled: Roothy challenges the deep south

Story Published: 19 Aug 2015

Roothy, Gleno and Kenno head off to find the hidden sights of Victoria everyone else just blasts past

4Wd, Gettingout, Offroad, Roothys-Lowrange, Travel

The offroad bucket list: 10 must-do Aussie destinations

Story Published: 22 Sep 2015

With 100 years on the tracks you’d never see all of Australia, so here are 10 adventures that are absolute must-do’s

4Wd, Adventure, Gettingout, Offroad, Roothys-Lowrange, Travel

Coffs Harbour to Birdsville – the long way

Story Published: 1 Oct 2015

Three states, great mates: A 13-day getaway to Birdsville races and back via the Corner Country and Flinders Ranges

4Wd, Birdsville, Gettingout, Roothys, Travel

The Old Way: 4WDs take on the Ghan Railway track

Story Published: 13 Dec 2015

Join Roothy, Gleno and Kenno as they follow the historic Ghan Railway through some of the most inhospitable parts of...

4Wd, Offroad, Outdoor-Living, Roothys-Lowrange, Travel

Red Centre: Roothy and the boys head to a desert oasis

Story Published: 10 Nov 2015

What’s the old saying? "Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun." Yeah, well make that mad dogs and...

4Wd, Camping, Gettingout, Roothys-Lowrange, Travel

North Stradbroke Island: Too good to be true

Story Published: 24 Nov 2015

We’ve all got that one spot that never leaves our mind, the one that appears at tough times to get you through

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David's Japanese bus tour on the island of Sado

Video Published: 3 Jan 2015

Video journalist David Stuart captured a visit to Sado through the lens of his smartphone.

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