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Fred loves his fire engines

Story Published: 7 Jun 2011

FRED Guerr loves trucks – well a particular type of truck.

Colin Veivers

Story Published: 12 Sep 2012

YOUNG driver Colin Veivers works for north Queensland small fleet owners Ray and Barb Kruck based at Black River, north of...

Lee Whitton

Story Published: 9 Aug 2012

IT WAS, as always, a great pleasure to catch up with our old mate Lee Whitton from Hadspen.

Steven Bird

Story Published: 8 Jul 2012

PASSING by Triabunna the other day we caught up with Steven Bird from Hobart.

Frank James

Story Published: 21 Jun 2012

MULTI-skilled North Queensland truck driver Frank James is also a talented entertainer.

Paul Armstrong

Story Published: 8 Aug 2012

WE HAD dropped in to Mood Food the other day for an excellent hot lunch, and were happy to run into Paul Armstrong from...

Truckers Derek, Scotty help on fire front

Story Published: 19 Jan 2013

IT HAD been a horrific week in Tasmania with heat, low humidity, high winds and over 50 fires burning out of control.

Sam Lynd

Story Published: 28 Dec 2012

WELL they have done it at last, increased the speed limit on the Brighton by-pass, where it is two lanes each way, to...

Kevin Morgan

Story Published: 4 Dec 2012

We were enjoying a cuppa at Mood Food at Kempton the other day and watching all the renovations going on when Michael Wells...

Luke Andrews

Story Published: 29 Nov 2012

Driving up the Midland Highway trying out the newly- opened Brighton by-pass the other day we ran into Luke Andrews from...


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