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Lee Whitton

Story Published: 9 Aug 2012

IT WAS, as always, a great pleasure to catch up with our old mate Lee Whitton from Hadspen.

Luke Andrews

Story Published: 29 Nov 2012

Driving up the Midland Highway trying out the newly- opened Brighton by-pass the other day we ran into Luke Andrews from...

Frank James

Story Published: 21 Jun 2012

MULTI-skilled North Queensland truck driver Frank James is also a talented entertainer.

Mario Espana

Story Published: 17 Feb 2013

THE Great Moscow Circus has been performing in Hobart and delighting audience members, including Bridget McGoldrick, who...

Fred loves his fire engines

Story Published: 7 Jun 2011

FRED Guerr loves trucks – well a particular type of truck.

Paul Armstrong

Story Published: 8 Aug 2012

WE HAD dropped in to Mood Food the other day for an excellent hot lunch, and were happy to run into Paul Armstrong from...

Colin Veivers

Story Published: 12 Sep 2012

YOUNG driver Colin Veivers works for north Queensland small fleet owners Ray and Barb Kruck based at Black River, north of...

Kevin Morgan

Story Published: 4 Dec 2012

We were enjoying a cuppa at Mood Food at Kempton the other day and watching all the renovations going on when Michael Wells...

Sam Lynd

Story Published: 28 Dec 2012

WELL they have done it at last, increased the speed limit on the Brighton by-pass, where it is two lanes each way, to...

Truckers Derek, Scotty help on fire front

Story Published: 19 Jan 2013

IT HAD been a horrific week in Tasmania with heat, low humidity, high winds and over 50 fires burning out of control.


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