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The broken Rena

Gallery Published: 12 Jan 2012

The Rena has broken apart after being pounded by large seas at the weekend. The ship has been stranded on a reef off the...

Raw footage: Aftermath of the tornado

Video Published: 6 Dec 2012

NZ Herald Reader Simon O'Hanlon sent in this footage of the aftermath of the tornado on Hobsonsville Road in Auckland.

Funeral for NZ shark attack victim

Video Published: 6 Mar 2013

Hundreds of jandal-clad mourners gathered for the farewell for shark attack victim Adam Strange held at Muriwai Surf Club.

Quake strikes Wellington

Video Published: 16 Aug 2013

Videos appeared on YouTube shortly after an earthquake hit Wellington on Friday, August 16, 2013.

Raw: Killer whales stalk swimmer

Video Published: 21 Jan 2014

Video: Rebecca Parlett.

Snow storm stops truckers in New Zealand

Video Published: 20 Jun 2013

As the Snow storm hits the south of New Zealand, Solly truck driver Simon Katipa tells how he parked up his...

Kiwi artist inspires with spraycans

Video Published: 6 Sep 2013

Renown artist Owen Dippie has started work on a project to paint huge works of art on the sides of buildings in the...

Kiwi's rage over accent jibe TV ad

Story Published: 28 May 2012

AN expat Kiwi has reportedly been arrested in Australia after having a violent meltdown over a TV ad mocking the New...

Damage after tornadoes hit Auckland

Video Published: 6 Dec 2012

Raw video of the damage, as a tornado reportedly hit Hobsonville, tearing down trees and ripping panels from the motorway. ...

World's longest water slide - behind the scenes

Video Published: 23 Jan 2013

Work is underway in New Zealand on the world's longest water slide.


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