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Get the most out of life

Story Published: 9 Aug 2012

THE object of being a writer is to inform, to entertain and to interact with the reader - to make you smile and...

Glory of everyday expertise

Story Published: 23 Aug 2012

The skill of people never ceases to amaze me.

Grey Nomads highway to freedom

Story Published: 3 Feb 2012

IT'S finally happened. Rita and I have become Grey Nomads. Well, we're not actually nomadic yet 'cos I have to make a...

Kermies QA ... with Ken Tomkins

Story Published: 1 Feb 2012

KEN Tomkins is a driver with 30 years under his belt, all for the one company โ€“ Linfox.

A fine town called Alice

Story Published: 13 Sep 2012

THIS was my fifth trip to the Alice for the National Road Transport Hall of Fame and I never tire of the event or the...

Ferret: icon of trucking industry

Story Published: 25 Jul 2012

The Ferret has just turned 80 and if this industry has its icons, he would be well up the totem pole.

Driving with The Brick and cassettes

Story Published: 20 Feb 2012

1992 DOESN'T seem that long ago โ€“ particularly to someone like me who was born in the Jurassic period.

Little bridge causes big headache

Story Published: 28 Jun 2012

GOOD mate Owen Orange drives a road train for Shaw's out of Toowoomba and heads north-west each week to Darwin.

If kids find work they love โ€“ great

Story Published: 12 Jul 2012

OUR Tom has just finished his mid-year exams.

Heritage passed to next generation

Story Published: 1 Sep 2012

AS YOU read this column, the pilgrimage to Alice Springs for induction into the National Road Transport Hall of Fame will...


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