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Industry matters of the heart

Story Published: 2 Jul 2014

THERE’S been a rash of heart trouble going around in my area of late.

Half-car spins out to no car at all

Story Published: 17 Aug 2014

I WAS going to write something light and jovial this week, but events haven’t gone very jovially I’m afraid.

On the road and off the radar

Story Published: 23 Jul 2014

GEOFF and Sandra Wilkinson are friends of mine.

The offer that was too good to be true

Story Published: 22 Jun 2014

I GOT suckered! There is nothing unusual in that. I get suckered all time. What was unusual this time was that Rita got...

Trip to Tommy’s with mum turns into long lunch

Story Published: 8 Aug 2014

MUM’S electric wheelchair is playing up.

Back to reality after holidays

Story Published: 24 Apr 2014

HOLIDAY? What holiday? We’ve been back for all of a day and already our four-week break seems like a distant memory.

Grey Nomads highway to freedom

Story Published: 3 Feb 2012

IT'S finally happened. Rita and I have become Grey Nomads. Well, we're not actually nomadic yet 'cos I have to make a...

Lucky escape serves as reminder

Story Published: 20 Jan 2012

2012 HAS arrived and a very happy, if belated new year to you all.

Life on the road not always easy

Story Published: 1 Aug 2013

THE Black Spur is one of the most picturesque and dangerous stretches of road in Victoria.

Stories of Saturday

Story Published: 7 Feb 2013

TO ALL of you who are/have been affected by the spate of bushfires around the country, my thoughts are with you all.

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