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"Dont do it! B-Triples and Road Trains are for the outback ONLY! .NOT HIGHWAYS!! False Argument..."

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"Show Toowoomba the money, Money talks....11 years of Federal LNP neglect before Fed Labour .. So Tony..."

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"Hey Tony Abbot Delivering for Toowoomba A CanDo LNP Government will make delivering a CBD..."

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"Come on, really? Oh Heavy Haulage Australia would be an issue? How many times do they pass through..."

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"the truckie had training in the HC category but still chose to do what they or die by the..."

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"Hey John, you can also be fined for tailgating , just look how close you are the caravan...not 4..."

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"Mate, you are so correct. I drive for a living.. but I can read and write and have a uni degree....and..."

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"You blokes need to redo the tests again, indicator of the vehicle in the left merging lanes signify end..."

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"ha very funny, you don't see the drivers in gold chains and all blinged up, just thongs and singlets..."

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"Driver training instilling road craft and safe practice, failing that : Visible Police presence will..."

Emergency services worked to free a man trapped after a crash involving two trucks and a ute, but the man has died.

Man killed in highway crash

6 Dec 2012

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