Driver Profiles

Tue 25 Mar 2014

Jamie Howell

WE caught up with Jamie Howell from Launceston recently when he dropped into Mood Food for a refreshment stop on his way home from Hobart.

Mon 24 Mar 2014

Chris Stafford

RETURNING home from Devonport, we caught up with Chris Stafford from Westley Vale when he dropped in to the JCK Services 24-hour Truckstop and Roadhouse at...

Sun 23 Mar 2014

Mick Purdon

IT IS a genuine pleasure to come across as nice a rig as Mick Purdon’s immaculate 1987 Mack Aerodyne, which we found out the back of Mood Food the other day.

Sat 22 Mar 2014

John Davey

PASSING by Kempton recently, we were fortunate to catch up with John Davey from Devonport when he dropped in for a bite to eat driving an eye-catching Chas Kelly...

John Dunham

WE HAD a good catch-up with John Dunham from Devonport when he dropped into Mood Food, the 24-hour truckstop at Kempton, for a bite to eat.

Fri 21 Mar 2014

Adrian McGrath

WHEN Big Rigs saw Adrian McGrath at the Bohle Little Acre Roadhouse on February 28, he was cleaning the front of his Western Star Constellation 4800.


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