A legend is born: BMW M2 road test and review

BMW's M2 offers a deeply desirable premium performance weapon for under $100k...and it's just as much fun as it looks.

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Suzuki's Vitara gets a Turbo boost

Big power increase but better fuel economy in Suzuki's Vitara S Turbo small SUV, bringing 103kW and 220Nm for your $29,990 drive away.

Suzuki's funky little SUV straps on a turbo

Prices and line-up revealed for incoming Honda Civic range

LONG HISTORY: Five models in next generation Civic range, a model Australians have bought more than 300,000 of since its 1973 debut

New Civic range arrives this June with prices starting at $22,390

Truckin’ on the border: Mad Cows on the run

Stuart Donnelly leads his team through the course.

Spina Truckas raise $2500 for Spina Bifida.

Dashcams - Are they worth investing in? Our tips and guide

BIG BROTHER? Could investing in a relatively cheap dashboard camera be the answer for resolving the bulk of our motoring disputes?

Neat little recorders can be useful in disputes

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Drive Profiles

A new take on coleslaw

It's coleslaw but with less fat and a big flavour punch.

How to make the perfect fruit loaf

My Kitchen Rules stars Dan and Steph's banana, coconut and carrot gluten free loaf .

This one's the pefect fruit loaf with a modern twist

The best of Witchmount wines

Here's the guide to the best of Witchmount wines

Simple Anzac biscuit recipe

Anzac biscuits

The best way to make Anzac biscuits

Maggie’s bird is the word

Maggie Beer serves up a Christmas feast in her book Maggie’s Christmas.

Chef reveals her secrets on stuffing feathered friends for feast

Camp cooking: anything but boring pasta

This recipe is easy, too easy, even when you’ve spent a few hours ‘catching up’ on the day with mates like Gleno and Kenno who like to share catch ups with plenty of beers.

This recipe is easy, too easy.

Bush cooking: How to make a camp oven pizza

Everyone loves pizza, it’s a favourite in our family