22 June - 23 July

You're high strung and scattered for a day or so. Don't go making plans on a whim, or worse still committing yourself to something you haven't carefully thought through. This is where your problems may start. Use your energy to push through a creative concept that's been on the back burner for a while. 


24 July - 23 August

If you don't reflect long enough, you will make the same mistakes as you have in the past. Don't overlook the bad behaviour in others. This will ensure you don't cjhoose wrongly in your long-term, relationships. How you feel influences how others perceive you even if you think you are hiding your emotions. What you attract is what you generate today and always.


24 August - 23 September

If others around you are negative, they may try to infect you with their negativity. Be strong and don' feel obliged to listen to nonsense. You may be prone to romantic extremism and reject 'normal' friendships, regardless of their intrinsic value. Compromise is your key word today.


24 September - 23 October

In the event of a relationship breakdown, you need to seek third-party mediation. You can have a hand in improving friendships at the moment. You may have a sticky or problematic client today. You'll be tested on how you manage the client to achieve a win-win situation.


24 October - 22 November

It's best not to give a professional problem any more thought. Put the issue aside for a day or two and it will sort itself out. Unless you give others an incentive to be better, it's not likely that they will lift their game. Today, your test is to successfully communicate these benefits to someone.


23 November - 22 December

Diversity and broadmindedness are your key words today. This will be necessary to keep abreast of the demands of you work and social life. You may need to discuss many topics just now. You can settle scores in an amicable fashion during this cycle. Actually, you will realise that you've been a hard task master with someone and need to relax the discipline a little.


23 December - 20 January

Dealing with posers may get your back up. You need to avoid things that irritate you. Don't allow any sort of awkwardness to interfere with a connection with someone new on the block. Your confidence will be reflected in their responses to you.


21 January - 19 February

Don't allow anger to lurk beneath the surface. This will erode your peace of mind as well is your health. Call a spade a spade and address the issue with the person in question. Today is a mixture of compulsion and struggle. Why do either? These pressures are created in your own mind. Look forward to better days.


20 February - 20 March

If you're incapable of handling the basic level of some topic or subject, you can hardly expect to jump to the next level. Improve your skills before moving forward. If you're being challenged by someone, you have an opportunity to confront them and overcome the problem. It will be a test of your character.


21 March - 20 April

If ex-lovers are trying to make a comeback into your life, this could throw you into a tailspin. You need to think carefully about re-engaging with people who have done the dirty on you. You're finding it hard to trust others even if they appear to mean you no harm, but burying your head in the sand is not going to unearth the truth. If you're afraid to confront reality, this will become an ongoing problem.


21 April - 21 May

If you want success today, especially in a business setting, you'll need to dispose of your educational history. You have to improvise and think on your feet to make an impression. You may also receive a call today which at first seems exciting and harmless enough, only to discover that the other person needs something from you.


22 May - 21 June

If you spend too much time yapping on the phone you'll find that your deadlines will eventually catch up with you and you'll have nothing to show for it. Balance your social and professional obligations a little more carefully over the coming days.

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You're high strung and scattered for a day or so. Don't go making plans on a whim, or worse still committing yourself to something you haven't...

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