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Sat 18 Oct 2014

Michael Duniam

IT WAS good to catch up with Michael Duniam from Launceston when he rolled in to Kempton the other day to grab a quick bite to eat.

Fri 17 Oct 2014

Convoy helps out kids

MORE than 60 trucks of various sizes will converge on inner-city Adelaide later this year in a bid to raise funds for South Australian children living with...

Errol Howard

WHILE enjoying an excellent cuppa at the Epping Forest Roadhouse (and home of the Tassie Truckers Memorial Wall), we were happy to catch up with Errol Howard from...

Thu 16 Oct 2014

Mark Beames

TRAVELLING down the Midland Hwy recently, we stopped in at our old favourite truckstop and roadhouse Mood Food for a bite to eat.

Wed 15 Oct 2014

Ivan Quarrel

IT WAS a great pleasure to catch up with Ivan Quarrel from Launceston the other day at Kempton when he rolled in to grab a bite to eat and a hot cuppa.

Tue 14 Oct 2014

Dob in rogue dumpers

LAST TUESDAY, the NSW Courts handed down a $225,000 fine to a rogue tip truck owner driver caught illegally dumping 90 tonnes of asbestos-contaminated building...

Mark Haitch

PASSING through Epping Forest the other day we were happy to catch up with Mark Haitch from Launceston when he rolled in driving a Toll 2014 FM 460 Euro-V Volvo for...

Mon 13 Oct 2014

Andrew Harding

WHEN Big Rigs saw Andrew Harding on September 16, he was delivering goods to businesses along Sturt St in Townsville.

One over-indulged birthday boy

OFTEN (like now), I sit down in front of the typewriter (oh sorry, they’re laptops now, aren’t they?) to write this column and the brain cells just refuse to work.

Sun 12 Oct 2014

Bob Innes

OWNER/operator driver Bob Innes was hauling an army ambulance when Big Rigs saw him at the BP Cluden on September 12.

I SPY: Sober for October

ALCOHOL will be on the banned list for hundreds or truckies from around Australia during October.

Sat 11 Oct 2014

Juggling the load

THE juggling act to balance mass on heavy vehicles will be easier for many operators with the introduction of the one-tonne Tri-Axle Mass Transfer Allowance.

Retaining lawyers can save grief

THOSE in the industry would now be well aware of the practical implementation of the new Heavy Vehicle National Law operative within New South Wales, Queensland,...


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