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Don’t drink and drive, simple

AS OFTEN as we disagree with actions taken by the police here at Hall & Co Solicitors (we are defence lawyers after all), we do wholeheartedly agree with the stern warnings given by police each year around this time.

Blenners clears check

AFTER a trying time Blenners Transport in Tully, Queensland, has finally had some good news.

New role for growth

NEW Freightliner boss Kristi Walker wants to see the brand at the top of Australia’s market.



CBBP Podcast - Episode 7

CBBP features Australia's Lindsay Webb and truckin' guests talking about all the stuff that matters most to the industry. Chris "Bloke" Franklin takes a break to clean up some "environmental waste".

National News

SOUND KIP: Digitech’s new sleep aid is a winner according to one truckie.

Sound asleep and no snoring

EVEN though truck driver Shane ‘Fletch’ Fletcher loves his new Digitech Sleep Aid, it may be his wife who loves it more.




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