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RIGHT: The RMS has inspected trucks at a Coles Distribution Centre at Smeaton Grange and almost half were cited for defects.

NSW’s push for safety

WHEN it comes to the pressures of the transport industry, no one understands better than the driver out on the road trying to make the deadline or put food on the family table.

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WITH Easter already come and gone, it means there’s less than two months to go before Trucking Australia 2014.

Models, big and small, a tribute

CRAIG Membrey now has a model replica of his Kenworth T909 Rowan truck after Drake Trailers launched the new model range at the Melbourne Truck Show.



CBBP Podcast - Episode 7

CBBP features Australia's Lindsay Webb and truckin' guests talking about all the stuff that matters most to the industry. Chris "Bloke" Franklin takes a break to clean up some "environmental waste".

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Don’t drink and drive, simple

AS OFTEN as we disagree with actions taken by the police here at Hall & Co Solicitors (we are defence lawyers after all), we do wholeheartedly agree with the stern warnings given by police each year around this time.




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